Exporting to Amazon UK - An easy guide

How to export goods to Amazon UK from China

how to ship products to sell on Amazon UK

Step 1: Get Started

When selling products in the UK you must obtain a VAT number / EORI Number.

You can obtain it by registering online www.gov.uk/vat-registration. It takes about an hour or two.

Or you can register with us in a quicker way. Our experienced and knowledgeable Fulfilment by Amazon team can guide you every step of the way. The UK VAT registration process costs £750.00.


You can chat with us via Skype - uglfba - or email us at amazon@uglog.com. We help sellers who need assistance with registration.

export goods to FBA UK

Step 2: What costs would I expect to pay?

Costs work like this…

Freight cost + Import Duty + VAT

Choose your mode of transport and evaluate your freight cost.

Few considerations before you choose your mode of transport:

Air freighthow to export goods to amazon UK

seafreight to Amazon UK

Sea Freight

Up to 60% cheaper than Air Freight

Our weekly global consol service offer a fixed price to any Amazon Fulfilment Centre in the UK for just £75.00 per CBM (rates to include all rework and palletisation for Amazon Fulfilment).

A typical shipment…

50 cartons – 55cms x 65cms x 35cms = 6.26CBM x £75.00 = £469.50

Alternatively, if you have larger orders cargo can be pre palletised and shipped as a full container loads (FCL) from door to door. This can be up to 80% cheaper than Air!

The only difference between air and sea is the price and transit time, there are no other special requirements.

air freight to Amazon UK


 Your quickest option

If speed is of importance then Air Freight is the most suitable option for you.

Our Air Freight services allow us have your product collected and delivered to an Amazon UK warehouse within 7 days.

Next, confirm your quotation before the cargo moves.

A good freight company always provide you a confirmed quotation.

You need to know all the costs involved, from the time it is collected, to the time it is delivered, which means you require a door-to-door rate. Unsworth Global Logistics provides you one price door-to-door with NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

All we need to proceed with your all-inclusive, door-to-door quote is:

  • Collection address
  • UK delivery postcode
  • Number of pallets or cartons (we will palletise if you can't - free of charge)
  • Description of goods
  • Total weight
  • Dimensions of pallets or cartons

Import duty Amazon UK

Step 3: Import Duty

Import Duty is set by HM Customs in the UK and is calculated as a %

  • Duty is charged on the cleared value (make sure you only declare the cost value and not the retail value) plus the Freight costs.
  • Value + Freight = Total x Duty Rate

Following our previous example of a typical 50 cartons shipment…

Invoice value + £469.50 = Total x Duty Rate


hwt-VATStep 4: VAT

VAT charged is not a cost and can be reclaimed. Think of it as a temporary cash flow.

Few final considerations before you proceed…

  • VAT is calculated on the Value + Freight + Duty. The rate is 20% of the total
  • Remember when selling your product on Amazon you must add 20% VAT to the retail price. This amount is collected by you upon sale, on behalf of the British Tax Office.
  • Every three months you must declare to the HMRC how much VAT you have collected and this must be paid to them. However you can deduct any VAT you have paid on imports from the Sales VAT you collect and send them the net amount.
  • We can handle the VAT on your behalf. We understand that handling VAT can be challenging for some overseas sellers and this is why we help you through the entire process.

If you have any queries about Exporting to the UK, feel free to contact us! You can call us on +44 (0)20 8539 8899, Skype us at uglfba or email us at amazon@uglog.com